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Purchasing Cars/Trucks

We have a network of dealers we can contact on your behalf to arrange inspection and purchase of your vehicle

Purchasing building materials/plant

If you are looking for something a bit bigger. We have the means to source and transport your trucks/plant/machinery to the docks

Purchasing at Auctions

Do you need a UK representative in auction buys? We can carry out the purchase for you within a desired budget.

VAT Free shopping

We can make all your purchases for you and carry out the VAT return for you so you get your products VAT Free without any delay.

A Scania Mixer pump we procured for a client in Tanzania

This phenomenal 1989 Scania 113 340 with fully working concrete mixer and pump has been procured for a new client of ours.

  • Second axle lift and steer
  • 4th axle lift
  • remote operated
  • 3 x 10 meter hose
  • new battery charger
  • Delivered to the docks